Monday, February 9, 2015

Mourning breakfast

There's a lot of things I miss about my pre-twin life. And my mum friends assure me that it's ok to miss stuff and no, it's not a cause for mummy guilt.

I miss the usuals, like going out for a coffee on a whim, but it's the little things that have surprised me the most. Like breakfast. I didn't think my daily breakfast routine was extravagant. Weetbix with fruit, a piece of Vegemite toast on bakers delight sliced wholemeal (jam if I was feeling extravagant), a good cup of tea and a digital newspaper at the breakfast bar with my husband.

Seasoned mothers will laugh at my naivety, but this is rarely possible now. Instead I scoff down cereal on the loungeroom floor during "playtime" and only manage a cup of tea if someone turns up later in the day and makes it*. I didn't think this was a part of my life that would be impacted on. Just another one of the little sacrifices we're thrilled, genuinely thrilled, to make.

*to be fair, Sam does offer. It's just that the drinking is as time consuming as the making.

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