Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Food and wine at Murrurundi

Provedore Simon Johnson, writer and food media veteran Sue Fairlie-Cuninghame and Willow Tree Inn's Graze chef Colin Selwood are set for a day of delicious food and wine at Murrurundi next month.

Author and art dealer, Michael Reid will host the day at his gallery and gardens on Mayne Street and the trio will discuss food, wine, style and...art, of course.
Fairlie-Cuninghame will begin the day discussing food and wine trends with Reid. A talented recipe writer, cook and stylist, Sue Fairlie-Cuninghame became well-known as executive editor at Vogue Entertaining in the early 90s. She has worked as food director InsideOut magazine and as art director and stylist with chef Neil Perry, and her work can often be seen in Gourmet Traveller.
Guests will then hear the philosophy and practice of good food, regardless of whether you're cooking for one or one hundred, from Colin Selwood, before enjoying lunch.
Finally, Johnson will review the importance of quality. As provider of some of Australia's finest imported and home grown quality food, Johnson knows a thing or two about quality, having taken the leap from chef to purveyor of quality foods in the early 90s.
10am, Friday 5th April, 2013
Michael Reid at Murrurundi
Boyd St, Murrurundi
Ph. 02 6546 6767
$120 pp, including morning tea, lunch & wine
Tickets available here.

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

The simple things

I have been tending to my lone raspberry cane for nearly 12 months now. This has involved less watering and fertilising, and more defending - against Sam, who is not impressed by the aesthetics of a straggly 2ft plant against our ugly, prominent garden shed.

If you've read my previous post about gardening, you'll know I'm not particularly successful in the green thumbs department. So I was incredibly excited to find this single raspberry on Saturday morning. I actually skipped across the yard to tell Sam about it and then we shared it. Half each. I was a little bit self-righteous and very proud when Sam  exclaimed in a surprised manner, "it's good!"

I can tell from the flowers on the cane that I'm unlikely to have enough raspberries to make a dessert, so I plan to eat them as they appear. This morning we got a whole rasberry each. Happy days!

Monday, March 4, 2013

Tamworth Fine Dining

Name a restaurant in Tamworth that is only open on select Monday and Tuesday evenings and offers a three-course fine dining menu for less than $30?

Impossible, you say? Check out my latest article on Tamworth Country Life so I can prove you wrong - in a delicious way, of course.